Project Profile:
How to Build a Community Skate Park

If you surf, you dream of living near a beach with endless rolling waves,  perfect barrels and maybe a few friends to share it with. If you skateboard, you dream of living near a skatepark with perfect concrete curves, metal coping and few friends to share it with. While we do live near the perfect beach, we don’t always get perfect waves and the wait for good waves can be excruciating. So we take to the streets, skateboarding up and down the Timpoochee Trail, our own neighborhood or finding a parking lot with the hope of not being run off by the owner. Sound familiar?

A few years ago a group of like-minded people from the Surfrider Foundation’s Emerald Coast Chapter decided to advocate for a skate park. We call this group the Walton Skate Society and anyone in the community can be a part of our mission.

This page helps to tell our story and provide information on our most ambitious project: get a concrete skatepark built in our community.


Step 1:
Find a Location

We currently have a commitment from the Walton County Board of County Commissioners (BCC) to provide approximately 20,000 sq. ft. of space at Helen McCall Park located off Highway 98 in South Walton. The original masterplan for the park called for a skate park. This was put on the back-burner while other mainstream sports facilities were built. Due to the efforts of the Walton Skate Society, it is now back on track and will become a reality. The commitment from the BCC ensures our community will have a fun, clean and safe area for visitor and locals to enjoy. Helen McCall Park offers parking, clean restrooms, playground and various sports fields. A skate park is a perfect edition to the facility.

Step 2:
Find a Builder

Building a skate park requires a very specialized team of contractors with lots of experience in the planning and construction of concrete formations. Our goal is to vet as many companies as possible. Through this process we hope to learn many of the do’s and don’t’s of building an exceptional skate park. Ultimately,  when it comes time for Walton County to submit an RFP or RFQ for qualified builders, we will be prepared to advise them on the selection process.

Step 3:
Raise Money

This isn’t going to be cheap. We know that getting the right builder to produce a quality skate park is going to cost money. Early research shows we will need close to $300,000. That’s a lot of skateboards! So how do we raise that amount of money? We are will be taking a multi-tiered approach. Through fundraising events, sponsorship programs as well as grants, we know we can raise this amount of money. But to do that we need our community’s support.

Be a Part of the Walton Skate Society

  • Volunteer

    Contact Walton Skate Society to find out how you can help.

  • Donate

    100% of every donation goes to support the new skate park.

  • Sponsor

    Let your community know your business cares.